Discover a Traditional Noodle Dish

Discover a Traditional Noodle Dish

Find out what Japanese ramen is in Missoula, MT

If you’ve ever wondered what ramen is or why it’s so delicious, you’ll be in for a treat at Michi Ramen. Ramen is a noodle dish served in a bowl of broth. Some broth is beef-based while others are fish-based. We use Chinese-style wheat noodles and flavors like miso and soy sauce to add extra flavor. We top our ramen with sliced pork, dried seaweed, menma and green onions.

Try Japanese ramen for yourself by visiting a Japanese restaurant in Missoula, MT. Call 406-926-2555 for more information.

3 reasons to visit a Japanese ramen restaurant

Try the fabulous flavors of Michi Ramen when you visit our Japanese ramen restaurant. Stop in today to:

  1. Try a dish you’ve never had before
  2. Enjoy a tasty meal with friends or family
  3. Explore flavors and textures of Japanese ramen

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